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I've had a web presence since my first Cosmic Art Gallery in the early 1990s. But no matter what keywords, meta tags and other methods of promoting my pages I tried, nothing seemed to work too well in generating traffic.

Then, in May 2007, while searching for an easy to use website building program to upgrade my site, I stumbled upon Solo Build It, or SBI!, and discovered a one-stop hosting service that not only included a simple and effective site building program but also a goldmine of ways to promote it. SBI! teaches you how to build sites that rank highly in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, promote your site through blogs, e-zines, links and many other ways -- and also how to make money off your site in ways you probably have never even considered.

Another thing I really like about SBI! is that it's like one big family. People who have been through the process are quick to help those just starting out in an incredibly easy to use and comprehensive forum.

Since signing up with SBI!, my traffic has increased and the doors of income opportunity are opening before my very eyes.

Why just build a website when you can build a business?

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