Cosmic Chronicle
News you won't find anywhere else Vol 1, Issue 1 -- 06.01.2008
Sinister plot to conquer Earth:
Aliens clone George W. Bush
By Ace Sweeney
Intergalactic Correspondent
ROSWELL, N.M. -- Aliens have devised a diabolical new strategy to conquer the planet Earth – clone President Bush!
    Seeing how much damage one George W. Bush has done to the world, the aliens believe that a few hundred of them could wipe out all human life in a matter of years, if not months, says the extraterrestrial expert who ripped the lid off the shocking scheme.Bush baby
    “In seven years as president, George W. Bush has wreaked havoc on the environment, upset the delicate balance of power in the Middle East and set science back a century,” notes University of Roswell extraterrestrial studies professor Dr. Hans Klaatu. “Obviously, the planet can’t take any more like him and hope to survive.”
    The plot was uncovered after Klaatu intercepted a transmission from the ETs’ home planet in the Sirius star system. He tells the Cosmic Chronicle that the aliens plan to clone Bush from a single viable brain cell.
    “Even though the aliens’ cloning techniques are far superior to anything we humans can even imagine, to accomplish their goal they need to clone a viable brain cell from the cerebral cortex to replicate a grown adult with the same memories, beliefs and capacity for catastrophic mistakes as the original,” explains Klaatu.
    Although some people have questioned whether Bush has a viable brain cell, one cloning expert confirms that he must.
    “Despite the impression that the president is brain-dead, if he didn’t have any viable brain cells he wouldn’t even be able to do what Dick Cheney tells him,” says Dr. Alfred E. Einstein, executive director of the prestigious Acme Stem Cell Institute in San Francisco. “On the other hand, it could leave him even more mentally crippled. While most people wouldn’t even notice one missing brain cell, Bush obviously doesn’t have a lot to spare.”
    Klaatu adds that the aliens’ plan skirts intergalactic laws designed to prevent advanced species from disrupting the evolution of lower life forms, such as human beings.
“With their advanced technologies and WPDs (weapons of planetary destruction), the aliens could easily wipe out all life on earth in a matter of minutes,” says Klaatu. “But that would violate the prime directive of the United Federation of Galaxies.
    “This plan is insidiously clever. The Bush clones will cause our civilizations to destroy each other, and any societies left over would no doubt self-destruct under the influence of a Bush. It will appear to be just another example of natural selection.”
    Klaatu warns that there is only one way to save mankind.
    “The only way I see to stop the threat would be to destroy Bush’s brain,” he says. “To tell you the truth, I don’t think anyone would even notice. He doesn’t seem to use it very much.”

Next issue: What really happened to Osama bin Laden
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