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Dawid Michalczyk

Dawid Michalczyk

    Born and raised in Poland, Dawid recalls being drawn to the world of images as a small boy.

    "I often browsed through my dad's vast library of books on art and architecture," he says. "I could spend whole evenings doing just that. Rarely reading anything, I looked at the pictures while absorbing the story each image told me."

    Dawid became fascinated by computer games in his late teens and he started doing his own graphics. By the mid-1990s, he was creating 3-D images and posting them online. That eventually led to work on The Longest Journey PC game in Norway. Later, he moved to the United States to work on Unreal 2 and other computer games at Legend Entertainment. Now back in Scandinavia, Dawid runs a small one-man business called Eon Works.

    Along with his fabulous space images, Dawid also creates some killer abstract, conceptual and other types of art, like this surreal sample, Endless Opposites.

    Dawid is also interested in health and nutrition, computer programming, anthropology and the paranormal. But art is both his business and his passion.

    "The symbolic expression which one can communicate through carefully crafted imagery is a powerful tool," he explains. "I can only hope that my work evokes a sense of wonder in the viewer, powerful enough to induce a timeless state of mind - for a moment or two."

Quiet nightfall

Quiet Nightfall

"As I was getting ready to start working on this space artwork I put on Steve Roach's Dream Circle ambient album and started looking through my astronomy books. An hour later I was in the space mood - full of ideas and cosmic wonder. Getting into the right mental state has always been important to me. Without it, the creation process feels shallow or even empty. You have to sort of "be there" - inside your creation - to make it good."



"Future mining colony on an alien planet. I worked on this sci-fi image for several weeks, mostly after school and during weekends back in the mid-'90's. Colony has turned out to be a popular wallpaper, and I've received many fan e-mails from people around the world because of it."

Solar Rise

Solar Rise

"This is a space illustration of a solar rise on another planet. I rendered the landscape in Bryce and painted the planets in Photoshop. It's a very atmospheric piece."

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