Gary Tonge

Gary Tonge traces his fascination with space art back to the moment he saw that massive Star Destroyer pass overhead at the opening of the first Star Wars movie. He was seven years old at the time and recalls, “It was a stunning scene. From that point on, you could say I have been very interested in perspective and atmospheric depth.”

Always fascinated with art, Gary became a pioneer in computer game graphics, entering the industry in 1987. He still works in that field but has also expanded his horizons to create the fantastic realms you see here and in his book, Bold Visions: A Digital Painting Bible.

“Sci-fi and fantasy are very big loves of mine,” says the British native. “I try to bring a realistic tone to many of my images. If I had to choose what style is my favorite, I’d say sci-fi with a twist of realism.”

Gary Tonge's System Birth

System Birth

Gary Tonge's Outpost


Gary Tonge's Arrival


Gary Tonge's Eventide


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