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Space art links

Great art and astronaut memorabilia at Novaspace!

Chesley Bonestell Archives
The Father of Modern Space Art

David A. Hardy
The longest practicing space artist around

Slawek Wojtowicz
The amazing worlds of multi-talented Dr. Slawek

Joe Tucciarone
One of the best astronomical artists around

Frank M. Lewecke
Spectacular 'postcards' from alien planets

Frank Hettick
Great astronomical art

Brian Smallwood
More wonderful astronomical art

Kenn Brown
Graphic artistry

Don Dixon
A master of astronomical art

Joe Bergeron
Check out the multi-talented Mr. Bergeron

Pamelina H.
Pamelina rocks!

Mark A. Garlick
This space art master's work can also be seen at

Dawid Michalczyk
A space graphics genius

Ronny Haklay
Fantastic web site for great spray paint space art

Burt Aulisio
Galactic spray art

Pete Pinza
A virtual gallery of spray art

Brandon McConnell
Spray art by Brandon and friends

Mark Van Boom
Cool, shimmering space art

Other outer space links

Kennedy Space Center

It's where the shuttle takes off and sometimes lands, where the men who walked on the moon began their journeys and, in short, is America's first and still foremost Gateway to the Stars.

Family fun and entertainment from the people who brought you Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Magellan, Voyager and others. A great site for space cadets of all ages.

The Hubble Space Scope
All the world's first space telescope needed was glasses. Now, the Hubble can quite literally see back to the beginning of time.
The most comprehensive outer space site on the Web

Planetary Society
More than 1,000 pages. Check out the heavenly bodies.

National Space Society
A space, planetary and astronomical cyber-experience.

Sky & Telescope
The No. 1 magazine in the known universe for stargazers.

Star Wars
The one and only official web site of the sci-fi phenomenon. May The Force be with you.

Star Trek
From Kirk to Janeway...You can boldly go where many others have gone before.

Universe Today
Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday.

Name a Star
Symbolically name a star and launch a message into space.

Guide to Space Exploration

A great resource for the history of space travel recommended by a young friend of the Outer Space Art Gallery.

Sci fi artwork

An interesting menagerie of of space-related stuff at Sci-Fi Artwork