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Made in a few weeks in 1958, Missile to the Moon is a classic example of a low-budget sci fi flick with a weak script, mediocre acting and cheesy special effects.

Two prison escapees hide out in the cockpit of a solar-powered rocketship and are forced to volunteer as crewmembers by the ship's owner Dirk Green. With the government getting ready to confiscate the craft, Dirk's partner Steve and his fiancee June show up and board the rocket just before it blasts off.

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Tragedy strikes in space when Dirk's head gets squashed by a falling battery during a meteor storm, but the spaceship manages to continue on to the moon without his leadership. There, the crew encounters menacing Rock Men, giant spider-like creatures and a dying, all-female society known as Orlanda.

Missile to the Moon photo The twist is that Dirk was really an Orlandan who'd gone to Earth a decade earlier as a scout for an invasion that never happened.

Tacky moon monsters, love-starved females and laughable sets all combine to make Missile to the Moon an easily forgettable movie-watching experience.

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