Objets d'art

A little spray paint and know-how can transform ordinary objects into fantastic works of art, a lesson I learned when my late father-in-law Jose Prado gave me a beat-up old file cabinet.

My first thought was, "I bet I can paint that."

But before hauling my prize away, I discovered that the drawers were terminally off-track and you really had to yank hard to pull them out and push them back in. When I asked my father-in-law about this, he gave his standard reply to just about every complaint: "You'll get used to it!"

It's true. You can get used to anything. It's a good lesson to learn when you find yourself struggling against something beyond your control. And whenever life thrusts me into a situation like that, I'll often hear "Papi's" booming voice echoing in my head, which is why I call my very first objet d'art "Papi's File."

Papi's File

Toilet seat lid - "Moons Over Uranus"

Mailbox - "398 Cosmic Way"


Bedroom door