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By virtue of its insipid script, ridiculous special effects and numerous production blunders that made the final cut, Plan 9 From Outer Space has been heralded as a leading candidate for worst motion picture ever made.

Plan 9 From Outer Space zombie

Written, directed and produced by Tinseltown hack Ed Wood Jr., the movie's story revolves around an alien plot to conquer Earth and thus prevent mankind from constructing a doomsday machine that could ultimately destroy the universe. With eight previous plans coming up short, the well-intentioned aliens utilize Plan 9, which consists of raising the dead and using the zombies to create chaos on Earth.

Plan 9 From Outer Space Lugosi stand-in Through archival footage, Wood does manage to resurrect horror film legend Bela Lugosi to play the Ghoul Man. Since not much footage was available, he used his wife's chiropractor to fill in, even though he looked and sounded nothing like Lugosi. So the guy went around saying nothing with a cape pulled over his face.

The most remarkable thing about Plan 9 is that it has endured because it's so bad.

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