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Ronny Haklay

Space artist Ronny Haklay

    Ronny was born in Israel and first encountered spray paint art while traveling in Mexico about 10 years ago. He bought a few cans of spray paint and started experimenting with it -- and now he travels the world as an international artist.

    "I'm inspired by the concept of one planet without borders and distributing the beauty and harmony that I see to the people of the world wherever they are and whatever they do," he says. "I find a common sense to everything when it comes to beauty and harmony, which is expressed in my paintings."
    Ronny has occasionally placed his work in galleries, but his primary exhibition space is on the streets of the many countries around the globe where he performs, like this impromptu street gallery on the Greek island of Mykonos.

    "These paintings speak for themselves," he says. "They speak all languages, melting all cultural borders and walls, opening all hearts."

Ronny Haklay space art 1

ronny haklay space art 2

To see more of Ronny's extraordinary work, take a ride to his website.


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