Krylonian Gallery


Gary Greenberg

You've made it safely to the Krylonian Gallery, which means, like a spray paint space artist, you have successfully navigated through the Toxican Mists of Krylonia. The sparkling mists are beautful and intoxicating but deadly to humans, which is why I own a good a gas mask.

As incredible as it may seem, the paintings in this gallery are rendered in minutes by me, Gary Greenberg (g.HARLAN), using little more than spray paint, cans, pot lids and loose-leaf paper.

Many moons ago in Coconut Grove, Florida, USA, Planet Earth, I saw a space artist named Daglas Svorcina painting incredible cosmic scenes like these to the eerie melody of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon emanating from his paint-splattered boom-box. I liked the paintings but didn't buy one because it looked like something I could do myself. And it was, so I did.

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To learn how to become a space artist and make paintings like these for yourself, check out my instructional DVD, Cosmic Landscaping for Dummies.

If you'd like me to make you a painting, feel free to contact me through our Form.

Meanwhile, enjoy a small sampling of my Cosmic Landscapes for free...

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

Reddish Moon Rising space art

Reddish Moon Rising

Cities of Algernon space art

Cities of Algernon

Lavernian Landscape space art

Lavernian Landscape

Rock of Jibrollicon space art

Rock of Jibrollicon

Slice of Heaven space art

Slice of Heaven

Shadollic Vericum space art

Shadollic Vericum

Sofar Serenity space art

Sofar Serenity

Simonesian supernova space art

Simonesian Supernova

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