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First Spaceship on Venus (1960) is the American title of the German movie Der Schweigende Stern, or The Silent Star. It's based on acclaimed Polish sci fi writer Stanislaw Lem's first novel, The Astronauts.

The story begins with the discovery of of a mysterious magnetic spool in a remote region of Siberia. Scientists determine that it came from a Venusian spaceship that crashed in 1908. As a team of experts from all over the world struggle to translate the message on the spool, a rocketship blasts off for Venus.

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Although the experts predict the message on the spool is one of peace and hope, they find out it's really a plan to annihilate all life on Earth. Meanwhile, the astronauts continue on towards Venus, with some sort of cosmic interference making communication with Earth impossible. They eventually land on our neighboring planet but find no life and, alas, no cool or even tacky monsters to destroy.

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