Stellar Outer Space Art

Welcome to the Cosmic Cafe's Outer Space Art Gallery, where you can journey all over the universe with a flick of the finger!

It's space travel made easy. A simple mouse click will transport you from the confines of your home planet to alien worlds in far-flung galaxies, created by talented space artists from all over the Earth -- and perhaps beyond.

The artists featured in our galleries employ a variety of media, from traditional oil and acrylic paints to cutting edge computer graphics. Some, like our house artist, Gary Greenberg, a.k.a. g.HARLAN, use spray paint to create amazing cosmic landscapes in minutes. We'll even show you how to do it. All it takes is spray paint, tin cans, pot lids, poster paper and a really good gas mask.

You'll also find a gallery of classic sci fi movie posters in our Cinema Fantastique as well as a link to the Cosmic Cafe's Reading Room, where you can explore worlds of words.

So it's time to start the countdown. Get ready to blast off on a fantastic intergalactic adventure -- going where few cybernauts have gone before...

Krylonian Gallery
Cosmic Landscapes by our house artist, g.HARLAN
Cosmic Landscaping for Dummies
A how-to DVD teaching techniques of spray paint space art
A gallery of spray paint space artists from all over the planet
Galactic Gallery
A galactic gallery of fantastic space art in a variety of media
Outer Space Reality Show
Incredible images from the Hubble space-scope and ESO's Very Large Telescope
Cinema Fantastique
A gallery of classic sci-fi movie posters
Cosmic Cafe Reading Room
Worlds of words by award-winning writer Gary Greenberg
Cosmic Chronicle
News you won't find anywhere else...on Earth
Vagabond Artist
How I became the master of many universes
Cosmic Cafe Gift Shop
The Cosmic Cafe's gift shop, featuring out-of-this-world merchandise (but with practical earthly uses)
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